First Issue at Scienceroll (10. 06. 07.)

Please welcome Medicine 2.0, a new blog carnival devoted to the special relationship between web 2.0 and medicine. I’ve been writing about it for a long time now and I see that more and more blogs are getting closer to the the subject. We hope that with these post-collections, we can help physicians, nurses, medical students and all the readers how to use the tools, services of web 2.0 in medicine. Let’s start with an exceptional video about what exactly web 2.0 is:

(See more at Scienceroll)


6 Responses to First Issue at Scienceroll (10. 06. 07.)

  1. jcjones says:

    Hey B! Just submitted your name/bio/links as a suggested speaker for the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco October 17-19, 2007 I think all of Bertalan’s fans should get on board & submit with me. Hope to see you there. jc

  2. My Godness! Thank you so much! It’s my honor that you submitted me as a suggested speaker, but I don’t think I have any chance as I took a look at the speakers and I’m only a medical student, they’re vide-presidents, etc…

    Maybe in some years. 🙂

  3. jcjones says:

    You never know…they don’t have anyone speaking on Healthcare & 2.O yet – might as well be you…jc

  4. JC, I’d live with the opportunity anyway. My slideshow is ready. 🙂

    How and when will we know about the result?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. jcjones says:

    They will send out the invitations in 4-6 weeks, but you should get an email from them soon…jc

  6. […] thefounder, coach and impulse of thisMedicine 2.0 Blog Carnival was wilting in 42 grade C record violation feverishness (107 F to a Yanks among us), we was […]

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